A hauntingly beautiful travel guide to the world's most visited cemeteries, told through spectacular photography and their unique histories and residents.
More than 3.5 million tourists flock to Paris's Père Lachaise cemetery each... read more

199 Cemeteries to See Before You Die



Eagles are awe-inspiring birds that have influenced much human endeavour. Australia is home to three eagle species, and in Melanesia there are four additional endemic species. A further three large Australian hawks are eagle-like. Eagles, being at the ... read more

Australasian Eagles and Eagle-like Birds
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A guide to the nests and eggs of those Australian Birds that are known to breed in Australia and it's offshore islands. First published in 1980 this latest edition is a thorough reference to nest & egg identification. Shape, size, colour, number of eggs i... read more

Australian Birds Their Nests and Eggs
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"An enchanting and original account of Beatrix Potter's life and her love of plants and gardening." --Judy Taylor, vice president of the Beatrix Potter Society There aren't many books more... read more

Beatrix Potter's Gardening Life: The Plants and Places That Inspired the Classic Children's Tales
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Bees are the darlings of the insect world. It is a great joy to see these tenacious insects hard at work, peacefully buzzing from flower to flower on warm and sunny days. Many people recognise the worth of bees, as well as that they face many threats. Bu... read more

Bees of Australia - A Photographic Guide
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With the increasing interest in 'super' berries and their health benefits it is good to know they can be grown organically, and that most are suited to small gardens and pots. They are full of: Vitamins A, C and E; Folic and amino acids; Anti-oxidants; Riboflavin; and, Dietary fibre and Flavonoids.

Berry Bounty: How to Grow Traditional & Unusual Berries, from Strawberries & Blueberries to Feijoas, Mangosteens & Tamarillos



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Where can you see 400,000 breeding pairs of rockhopper penguins? Where is the best place in Australia to observe Yellow Chats? And where is the only place in Australia you can have a close encounter with nesting Lesser Noddies? Well-known birder and au... read more

Best 100 Birdwatching Sites in Australia
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The Australian Geographic Birdwatcher’s journal provides a practical, pocket-sized journal for all your bird observations.

Birdwatchers Journal
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Jekka McVicar is passionate about herbs and this passion permeates her authoritative and immensely practical book. Here she covers over 150 herbs - from the most common such as mint and basil to the more exotic, such as turmeric and lemon grass. For each h... read more

Complete Book of Herbs in Australia

Journalist and broadcaster Indira Naidoo has always been passionate about food and, teaming this with her increasing desire to live a sustainable life, has transformed her tiny 13th floor apartment balcony into a... read more

Edible Balcony How to Grow Fresh Food in a Small Space Plus 60 Inspiring Recipes
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Practical and inspiring, Jamie Durie's Edible Garden Design is a book for our times. As more and more of us recognise the environmental, financial and health benefits of growing our own food, all over the country flower beds are being ... read more

Edible Garden Design: Delicious Designs From the Ground Up
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The south-east Queensland region is currently experiencing the most rapid urbanisation in Australia. This growth in human population, industry and infrastructure puts pressure on the unique and diverse natural environment of Moreton Bay. Much l... read more

Environmental History and Ecology of Moreton Bay
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