Craft & Handiwork

This unique craft book teaches readers how to sew animal dolls with contemporary style. Artist and pattern-designer Melissa Lowry was inspired to create these plush characters when searching for safe kids' toys that fit her modern style. As a result, each doll is designed... read more

Handmade Animal Dolls

Primitive lines harken back to our American roots, reminding us of simpler times. Embrace the beauty of hand stitching with whimsical, age-worn designs. From wall quilts to table to... read more

Peculiar Primitives--A Collection of Eclectic ProjectsHand-Dyed Wool and Embroidery - Quilts, Dolls, Pillows and More

Official Roald Dahl Make Your Own Fantastic Mr. Fox Hand Puppet in a Box

Roald Dahl Fantastic Mr. Fox Hand Puppet

In this inspirational and practical book, 24 international product designers show you how to recreate their upcycled designs. Inspired by the trend for recycling and craft, readers can follow the designers step-by-step instructions and create their very own ... read more

Upcycle - 24 Sustainable DIY Projects