Book Orders - Shop Now & Pay Later

We stock a wide range of books across genres, including award list books. We offer order discounts for schools and early learning centres and can provide a quote and availability information within 48 hours on inquiry.

Teachers and teacher librarians are welcome to shop now, pay later in-store to stock their school library. We require school approval by email or letter (on official letterhead) beforehand to invoice the school. Payment terms are thirty days upon receival of order.



Pop-Up Bookshops and Book Fairs

We regularly supply pop-up bookshops at schools, early learning centres and community events including Readers Cup, Kids Lit Quiz, various conferences and author in-conversation events. During Book Week, we host several Book Fair events providing a more tailored approach than the traditional Scholastic Book Fair and selling a range of books, games, gifts, puppets, stationery and activity kits. Take-home order forms for students are available upon request. 

Please feel free to get in touch regarding the range of titles and products we can supply at your event.

School Excursions & School Award Prizes

Local schools often organise end-of-year trips for a small number of students to claim their school award prizes in-store and we are more than happy to organise a particular private viewing time for them to browse. Please get in touch if you wish to organise a class excursion to our store.


Prizes & Donations

If you require a voucher or prize pack for an event, please get in touch via email or drop a pamphlet with contact & event details in-store, and we will get back to you if we are able to provide a donation at the time.

Please also consider asking your local, state, or federal members to donate a gift voucher for your next school or community event.



Book Recommendations & Book Lists

We are always happy to give recommendations for books whether they be popular titles, issue-based, new releases, yet-to-be-published or in a particular format or genre. We regularly curate seasonal book lists for schools and early learning centres - please send us an email at for a recent list of notable books. 

Feel free to drop in anytime in-store, but please call ahead to ensure the appropriate staff member is available - as different staff members specialise in different genres. 

Other Resources

You can view our blog here, where we regularly review books for junior, middle grade and young adult audiences. Reviews are generally spoiler-free unless listed and contain a list of themes, age recommendations and content warnings.

You can also view our current favourite picture books on our website here.