Be the author of your very own Diary of a Minecraft Zombie book! Filled with heaps of space to plan the ultimate Minecraft party, brag about your PVP wins and make your own Minecraft slime, this book is all you need to embrace the Minecraft life.
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DIY Diary (Diary of a Minecraft Zombie)

Most people are called upon to make a speech or toast at some point in their lives. This book will help the inexperienced speaker to stand up with confidence, and deliver a reall... read more

Making a Short Speech or Toast: Practical Advice, Useful Ideas and Lots of Help for Anyone Asked to Speak in Public

Are you ready for an adventure? Minecraft Maps is a visual guide to the Minecraft landscape, created by an explorer on a quest to find the most valuable loot whilst avoiding danger. Explore each of the fifteen major biomes through highly detailed, illustrated maps, then read t... read more

Minecraft Maps