School Holiday Timetable & Special Events

We host plenty of activities, events, themed-parties, author signing and book launches over the school holidays and throughout the year. Look out for information on our website and facebook page! 

Book Club

We run two book clubs throughout the year, one for kids and one for adults. For more details, check out our Book Club page here

Dungeons & Dragons

We host game sessions of D&D instore every month. It is suitable for ages 12+, however as it is a volunteer-run gaming session under 15s must be accompanied by an adult or older sibling. To learn more about playing D&D, feel free to join our Facebook group where events will be posted and members can chat about the game.

Harry Potter Themed Games Room

Have you seen our magical new Harry Potter Games Room? Check it out for all things pop culture & Harry Potter!

Click this link  for a sneak peek!

Read Weekend Notes article about our Harry Potter room by Kevin Liepins in Weekend Notes