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Alias Original

Alias Original

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Alias the  game that makes people talk is one of the most sold games in more than 10 different countries and it is published in more than 15 different languages.

Pick a card, check the word, turn over the sunglass and start explaining – your partner tries to guess which word you are looking for.

  • There are 3200 words to explain, so the game will not be exhausted for a long time.

  • Extensive content which makes the game very durable.

  • The game is ingeniously simple and never fails to entertain.

  • You can always improve and expand your vocabulary.


Game is played in teams. At least 2 teams (4 players) is needed to play Alias. They randomly select team who starts and in the team they randomly decide who start guessing and who explaining. The other team gives the one number or symbol and the turn around the hourglass. Then the one teammate start explaining without looking at the card before the hourglass have been turned over. Then the explainer must not use the word he/she is trying to explain in any form and in other language if that is not said before. Every word they missed is minus one point and every word they got (exactly like on the card) is plus one point. And the rest of the game is played like that. They explain the symbol they are standing on. Quite easy.
Now the lighter tiles (pinned tiles in new version). Once one team land on the tile, their next round is opened round.
That mean that the one who has to explain, will take six cards without looking at the card and start explaining them one by one WITHOUT time limit. And ALL players can guess. The one who guesses WILL get that card/point for her/his team.
One rule is that when you are explaining and time runs out, then every player can shout out the correct answer and who ever yells gets the card and point.

Winning the game

Your team wins when you reach back to start/finish!

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