Colour in all your favourite Star Wars characters from a galaxy far, far away...

Star Wars Family Favourites (Colouring book)
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 Star Wars

Reading Level:From 8 To 12

You can fold Star Wars(R) flyers that speed through the living room as well as they do through outer space. Each of the six Starfighter designs has been rigorously tested by the Klutz Aerodynamics Team, and they look as great as they fly because they're made from full-c... read more

Star Wars Folded Flyers (Klutz)
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 Star Wars

Series:Star Wars

Explore a galaxy far, far away in this stunning guide to the worlds of Star Wars. The Galactic Atlas, illustrated by Tim McDonagh in superb full colour, covers everything from Alderaan and Naboo to Tatooine and Yavin 4, taking in the epic stories, strange creatures and glorious vistas of the entire saga.

Star Wars Galactic Atlas

Join Han and Chewie on this all-new adventure - before the Force awakened. In this story, set between Star Wars: A New Hope and Star Wars: The Empire Strikes Back, Han and Chewie must fly the Millennium Falcon on a top-secret mission for the Rebellion, while evading ruthless bounty hunters and a relentless Imperial agent.

Star Wars: Journey to the Force Awakens: A Han Solo and Chewbacca Adventure
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This kit contains everything you need to be as Star Wars as you can be! The press-out masks will allow you to transform into all your favourite heroes and villains while you work on the fun puzzles in the book. Lightsabers and props are also included! Use the double-s... read more

Star Wars Photo Booth
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Star Wars R2D2 striped bi-fold wallet with 4 card slots.

Star Wars R2D2 Blue Striped Bifold Wallet
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This is the ideal knapsack for your next journey through the galaxy.

Star Wars R2D2 Printed Knapsack
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Star Wars X-Wing Fighter bi-fold wallet with 4 card slots.

Star Wars Ship Battle Fat-free Wallet
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Star Wars Imperial Fighter bi-fold wallet with 4 card slots.

Star Wars Ship Battle Fat-free Wallet 1
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The perfect entry into the Star Wars roleplaying experience for players of all skill levels, The Force Awakens™ Beginner Game introduces a complete, learn-as-you-go adventure that carries you from the sands of Jakku deep into the hear... read more

Star Wars - The Force Awakens - Beginner Game

"A LONG TIME AGO, IN A GALAXY FAR, FAR AWAY.... Thirty years after the defeat of the Galactic Empire, the galaxy faces a new threat from the dominating First Order and the evil Kylo Ren, who seeks vengeance on Luke Skywalker for Darth Vader’s death. W... read more

Star Wars :The Force Awakens in Pictures
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Play Top Trumps anytime, anywhere, with as many people as you like

Star Wars Top Trumps
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