"If we live in an age of equality, why are women are still left holding the baby? Today, women outperform men at school and university. They make a success of their early careers and enter into relationships on their own terms. But once they ha... read more

Shattered: Modern Motherhood and the Illusion of Equality
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Detailing the issues of the global refugee crisis is easy, finding a workable solution is not. The global refugee crisis is not simple and must be thoroughly understood in order to find the best way forward. The future of billions of people rest on how th... read more

The Mess We're in: Managing the Refugee Crisis
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I unpick and put in chronological order thousands of pieces of paper -- lay out the facts as they arrived the first time, unadorned, uninterpreted, flying in from dozens of sources and every corner of the world.
What really went on? Were the police corrupt? Di... read more

Who Bombed the Hilton?
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