In those long and dark winter months, when you’re busy dreaming of beaches and a summer romance with Raoul, these Ice Cream Ankle Socks will be sure to put the spring back into your step. With four delicious flavours to choose f... read more

Luckies Ice Cream Socks - Hundreds and Thousands

A lucky little charm to watch over you, bringing good luck and protection the whole day through. Carry one in your pocket or sit them in your room. You'll feel their love and happiness, and good luck will follow you. They are so much fun to collect!

Ch... read more

Lucky Charm Panda
$12.95(AUD) inc GST

A lucky little charm to watch over you, bringing good luck and protection the whole day through. Carry one in your pocket or sit one in your room, you'll feel their love and happiness, and good luck will ollow you. They're so much fun to collect and they make the sweetest gi... read more

Lucky Charm VW Beetle
$12.95(AUD) inc GST



Series:Miniature Editions Ser.

Embrace your inner Picasso and let the revolutionary art style of cubism inspire you to create a metal masterpiece! You don't have to be Damian Hearst to enjoy the simplicity of making your own artwork, ranging from the serious to the silly. The Cubist-inspired pieces in this artsy kit wi... read more

Magnetic Cubism

Metal mugs with over 80 characters, numbers and symbols to leave a witty message

Magnetic Mug
$12.95(AUD) inc GST
save $7.04(AUD) (35.2%) $19.99(AUD)

Two gorgeous books in one stylish slipcase. Join your favourite gumnut babies in Meet Snugglepot Cuddlepie as they go on an Australian bush adventure. Plus record all your special moments in the classic Baby Records Book.

May Gibbs Gumnut Babies Gift Set
$34.99(AUD) inc GST

Glass trays make every space more beautiful! This round tray features gold foil details, white mandala artwork and "Mr & Mrs"… making it a perfect gift for newlyweds to safely store wedding rings and other small treasures!

Not fo... read more

Mr & Mrs Glass Tray

This magical Harry Potter mug is sure to get you ready for a hard day of magic. With a brand new vintage shape, the mug features the words 'Muggle Studies', referring to an elective class at Hogwarts which taught students all about Muggles and their daily l... read more

Muggle Studies Boxed Vintage Mug
$19.99(AUD) inc GST

When cold this mug is completely muggle worthy, no magic to be seen. However pour in your tea/coffee and watch the magic happen as a beast appears through the keyhole!
Product Info:

Please wash before use.
Do not use in dishwasher or microwav... read more

Muggle Worthy Heat Change Mug
$21.99(AUD) inc GST

This 16-ounce Latte Mug will make you smile each time you use it! It features a cute elephant graphic, gold foil details and the inspiring sentiment, "I think I'll just be happy today"… perfect for your coffee and tea-loving family and friends!
Mu... read more

Owl Always Love You Latte Mug
$19.99(AUD) inc GST



Series:All Wrapped Up Ser.

All Wrapped Up is a series of gorgeous stationery books celebrating the work of Australia's best and brightest artists.   Party! celebrates the bright, cheerful and fun-filled world of illustrator Sophie Beer. Love the pattern? Rip it out and wrap something up! Includes 2... read more

Party: All Wrapped Up


 Novelty Gifts

Have you ever wondered why your cat acts a certain way, has such an attitude, or does strange things? Now with the Phrenology Cat kit you can pin-point and label where in your cat's brain their emotions, likes, dislikes, and quirks are located on this adorable ceramic bust. This ... read more

Phrenology Cats