Non Fiction

Series:Guide to Growing Up

Celebrating over twenty years in print, this best-selling, essential illustrated guidebook for adolescent girls is now available as a refreshed edition, with new and updated content.With over 400,000 copies sold, this appealingly illustrated guidebook t... read more

The Period Book: A Girl's Guide to Growing Up


 Biography & Memoir

Reading Level:3 Biography

Who is Peter Norman? He's the greatest Australian hero you don't know. Peter Norman is the 'forgotten man' in one of the most powerful and influential photos of all time. Peter is in the photo because he won Australia a silver medal at the 1968 Mexico Olympics after running... read more

The Peter Norman Story
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 Junior Fiction

Reading Level:Teen - Grade 7-9, Age 12-14

Jacob Reckless has always been careful to keep the enchanted world behind the mirror secret from his brother. Until one day, Will follows him, unaware of the mortal danger awaiting him: attacked by a group of Goyl - stone-skinned humans who are conquering the worl... read more

The Petrified Flesh (Reckless #1)

A Trade paperback Collection of Phantom Comic foundation storiesin colour.

The Phantom..for those who came in late!
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A young man hiding from his past in a London prison. A body found hanged from a bridge over the River Thames. An Egyptian code that holds the key to the murder ...Peter has served his prison sentence trying to be nameless. But on his release, Peter becomes entangled in the life of ... read more

The Pharaoh's Stone
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Love. Desire. Vengeance. A deadly alchemy. When Rebecca Palmer's new husband opens a pharmacy in Victorian Edinburgh, she expects to live the life of a well-heeled gentlewoman. But her ideal turns to ashes when she discovers her husband is not what he seems. As Rebecca strug... read more

The Pharmacist's Wife
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 Jokes & Humour

Series:Peanuts Guide to Life Ser.

The world's most beloved beagle shares his philosophy on life in this beautifully produced gift book for all generations.
In his inimitable style, Snoopy spends his days extolling the virtues of dancing, hanging out with his best bird friend Woodstock, pu... read more

The Philosophy of Snoopy
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A collection of different comics taken from the issues of The Phoenix, this bind-up pulls together different humorous, informative, action-packed, and brain-teasing stories into one mega-comic bind-up! A practical buffet table for kids to enjoy... read more

The Phoenix (Colossal Comics Collection #1)
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When you run the film backwards the figure in the pool emerges and lands neatly back on the diving board while the water beneath her heals. So, if we run life backwards, we move from its the end to its very beginning.
In July 1975, ... read more

The Photographer at Sixteen - The Death and Life of a Fighter
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 Biography & Memoir

One morning on the outskirts of Damascus, two starving friends are walking through their desolate city and come across a familiar street that has been turned to rubble, concrete bridges towering above them like tombs and houses turned inside out. Aeham turns to the o... read more

The Pianist of Yarmouk
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Series:Olive Editions Ser.

The Picture of Dorian GrayBy Oscar WildeOscar Wilde's story of a fashionable young man who sells his soul for eternal youth and beauty is one of his most popular works. Written in Wilde's characteristically dazzling manner, full of stinging epigrams... read more

The Picture of Dorian Gray (Olive Edition Classic)
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 Picture Books

Georgia can swim like a dolphin, do backflips off the gangplank, climb the rigging like a monkey and battle with swords like any swashbuckling pirate. She is the daughter of one of the most famous pirates on the seven seas and he thinks that girls should wear pink and stay out of... read more

The Pink Pirate
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